Ep. 3: The Joy of Sandwiches

March 26, 2020

Jon and Kurt take a bite out of America's favorite lunch order: sandwiches. They debate the definition of what exactly a sandwich is and reminisce about favorite childhood sandwiches while weaving in a little history as wel…

Ep. 2: Pet Peeves

March 25, 2020

Jon and Kurt get all curmudgeonly and go on tirades about what irks them. Whether it is people cutting toenails on airplanes, parking in handicap spots, or driving 50 mph in the left lane, they really gripe about that which …

Ep. 1: History of Pie and Pi

March 25, 2020

Jon and Kurt explore the world of Pie and of Pi. From ancient savory pies to American Pie by Don McClean to the invention of the Frisbee and Archimedes, they dig into pies and pi of all nature.