Ep.18: Favorite Movies

July 6, 2020

From Animal House to Shawshank Redemption and everything in between, Jon and Kurt put forth and debate the attributes of their favorite movies: the ones that scare them the most, make them laugh out loud, or truly have an i…

Ep.17: Fun Phrases

June 29, 2020

Jon and Kurt spend a full episode discussing fun phrases and how they came to be. “Mind your Bees Wax,” “One for the road”, and “Freezing the balls off a brass monkey” are just a few sayings they take on, masticate over, and…

Ep. 16: The Most Underrated Inventions (Part 2)

June 22, 2020

From toilet paper to Neil Diamond, Jon and Kurt discuss the advances in civilization we can’t live without that, while popular, are not seen as being worthy of the Mt. Olympus of inventions.

Ep.15: Underrated Inventions, Part 1

June 15, 2020

From toilet paper to Neil Diamond, Jon and Kurt discuss the advances in civilization we can’t live without that, while popular, are not seen as being worthy of the Mt. Olympus of inventions. This is the first part of a two …

Ep. 14: The Aliens’ Perspective

June 8, 2020

In this episode, Jon and Kurt opine on which human rituals and customs will get laughed at the most by aliens. Plus they take a shot at projecting which human traditions are most likely to be assimilated by our extra-terre…

Ep.13: Moon Men

June 1, 2020

Jon and Kurt are faced with answering a beguiling hypothetical question: would they rather spend 10 minutes on the moon or a year in Europe traveling in high class all-expenses-paid luxury.

Ep.12: Fads Gone By

May 25, 2020

The fanny pack. Spray on hair. Corsets. Beanie Babies. Eating placentas. Polyester leisure suits. Yes, in this episode, Jon and Kurt explore fads and trends of the past that have, thankfully, passed us by.

Ep.11: The Dinner Party

May 18, 2020

In this episode, Jon and Kurt go about curating their ideal dinner party guest list. From famous historical icons to unknown trailblazers to fictional characters, both hosts have to make a case for who they want to get a sea…

Ep. 10: Famous Pairs

May 11, 2020

Adam & Eve. Romulus & Remus. Gin & Tonic. Bert & Ernie. Oscar & Felix. Jon and Kurt identify, laugh, and survey just a few of the many famous pairs throughout history. It is a rollicking, fast, fun adventure.

Ep. 9: American Pastimes

May 4, 2020

Jon and Kurt start out waxing poetic about fun pastimes but then quickly turn the episode into a debate over which should rightfully be America’s Pastime: Baseball or Football. The arguments get made while taking a detour in…

Ep. 8: The Pros & Cons of Social Media

April 27, 2020

Taking on a popular issue facing society today, Jon and Kurt attempt to lay out the pros and cons of social media while waxing poetic about the moment the first fish walked out of the ocean.

Ep. 7: Best Decades

April 20, 2020

Jon and Kurt venture back in time to discuss, argue, and make a case for which decades they feel were the best to live in...and why. From the roaring 1220s to the greedy 1980s with many stops along the way, they ponder the …

Ep. 6: TV Shows of our Youth

April 13, 2020

Jon and Kurt return to the early 1970s and try to recall all the great TV shows that were either live or in re-runs. What they remember, and why, is the meat of this episode as they seem to have jumbled the facts a bit.

Episode 5: Old Words

April 6, 2020

Jon and Kurt find amusement (they are easily amused) in discussing words and phrases that were once popular but have now gone out of style. Of course, this is just a launching point for some meandering musings.

Ep. 4: Underappreciated States

March 26, 2020

Jon and Kurt opine on all sorts of states that they feel don't get their just due. They give reasons (some even are factual) and try to make the case for states like South Dakota and the one right below Nirvana.

Ep. 3: The Joy of Sandwiches

March 26, 2020

Jon and Kurt take a bite out of America's favorite lunch order: sandwiches. They debate the definition of what exactly a sandwich is and reminisce about favorite childhood sandwiches while weaving in a little history as wel…

Ep. 2: Pet Peeves

March 25, 2020

Jon and Kurt get all curmudgeonly and go on tirades about what irks them. Whether it is people cutting toenails on airplanes, parking in handicap spots, or driving 50 mph in the left lane, they really gripe about that which …

Ep. 1: History of Pie and Pi

March 25, 2020

Jon and Kurt explore the world of Pie and of Pi. From ancient savory pies to American Pie by Don McClean to the invention of the Frisbee and Archimedes, they dig into pies and pi of all nature.