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Check your facts

Very entertaining podcast. I enjoy it and soon after hearing a couple of episodes I went to episode #1 and listen to them all. I am however dropping one star: I have lived in several countries and in the US, although I am not US-born. Some of the facts presented about my culture and country, Europe in general, and other countries where I have lived or have visited are not so accurate, or just wrong. That make me wonder how accurate are the facts related to countries, cultures or historical periods that I may not be so familiar about.

Great way to run…

The miles go by quickly listening to these two smart fools…

Always positive!

I LOVE this podcast and the banter between Jon and Kurt. I truly appreciate how through 50 episodes, all during a pandemic, they’ve kept the time 100% positive and fun. It’s a welcome break from everything else going on in our lives. Highly recommended!

Smart Drivel

Love the banter!

Laugh while you learn

Fun, witty banter by two very bright, hilarious guys. They discuss a variety of interesting and thought provoking topics each week. I learn something every time I listen. And I laugh every time I listen! Intellects with a sense of humor will love this podcast.

True to its name

Two intelligent gents accidentally teaching the masses about history, etymology and everything in-between! You'll laugh and learn, and come out with some smart drivel to take to your next party (virtual or otherwise)!

a total riot

listening to smart drivel makes me as happy as a clam in high water. I never know where the eps are going, but I know I’ll laugh out loud. the fun phrases episodes r the best, keep them up!!!!

Engaging and Enlightening

Absolutely love Smart Drivel. Really interesting topics covered, and Jon and Kurt approach each one with their signature blend of humor and intelligence. Each episode is the perfect length, so you can listen while exercising or running a quick errand. I come out of every episode having laughed a lot but also having learned something new. Definitely give Smart Drivel a listen if you haven’t already, you’ll be glad you did!

5 Stars - fantastic podcast

These two rock. Love their podcast. I always look forward to the next episode. They are both very humorous, kinda smart :) but always entertaining. They clearly have a blast doing it together and you always learn something new. Keep it coming guys your doing a fantastic job.


Love these two! Humorous, engaging and informative. Look forward to new episodes and talking about them with family and friends. Oh and I agree - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s Child Catcher easily the scariest movie character ever!

Check it out

Both Kurt and Jon are super sharp. Jon demonstrates in every episode he is one of my top two funniest brothers.

So Much to Love!

While walking one morning, I had to stop for a minute because I was laughing so hard. (I was listening to Ep.11, The Dinner Party. And, I cracked up over the "Young Frankenstein" reference. One of my favorite movies!!!) A man passing me commented, "You must be listening to something good. What is it?" I showed him Smart Drivel on my phone and told him it would make his day. Half an hour later, I passed the gentleman again with a big smile on his face and a thumbs up.

Engaging Discussions

I love listening to this podcast in the car with my husband! It sparks so much conversation that we constantly pause it to discuss the topic among ourselves. It’s like Jon and Kurt are in the car having a funny yet engaging conversation with us.

The Trouble With Drivels

Thoroughly enjoy the boys’ banter on the multitude of topics they pick. One second you’re learning stuff you didn’t know - Smart! And the next second you’re on a wonderful mindless riff filled with nooks, crannies, and gooey drivel. Love it.

Leaves you wanting more

I am loving this new podcast for its wit, humor, and random topics that are both educational and entertaining. Worth your 20 minutes each week.

Loads of fun

If you’re looking for two guys that have a ton of useful, and not so useful, information then go no further!!! Jon and Kurt are great together!!! Kevin Black

Smart Drivel

Fun stuff.